Logline: The history of Real Djs of Atlanta.

The skill of a Dj is a craft as well as a subculture of American society. From all walks of life the DJ entertains the listener. The motivation is the drive and the love of music. This documentary delves deeply into the personal history of each individual DJ involved, and how they became who they are today. With a background set with in the local mecca for DJs is the Scratch Academy. You want to know what a DJ goes through selecting his or her own personal name, as well as some of their most iconic shows? The real DJs at the glen to is just to show for you. Not only is the history about the DJs but there is information about the cultural relevancy of Atlanta’s social life.

Demetrius Feaster is a student at FullSail and long time DIRECTOR and CINEMATOGRAPHER. Based out of Atlanta There is a definite and most obvious experience for use with multiple cameras. A strong  CAMERA OPERATOR that moves as quickly as the clients need arises. Thank you for visiting this site, here you will find a collection of portfolio pictures as well as projects that are completed and in development. You will also find visual content in the form of short stories music videos podcast and feature-length cinematic projects. Take a look at the blog page and become familiar with the content that is yielded from it on a regular basis. Everything is about film on this blog. Check out the photographs under the work category to see what type of pictures that can be generated. The site also has sidebar categories to group together content so it’s easier for viewers to find. The vision for our content is so the client can get a glimpse of edited projects. Branding and staying relevant is one of the most important aspects of what this site will demonstrate. If you want to know what the latest movies are about, stop and take a look at the movie review section. There is most definitely something that will always be available to inspire on this site.


Title: Demo Reel

Genre: music video/documentaries

job title/roll: Director, Producer, Editor,

Location: Atlanta

Her is one of my production reels.



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