Indie film distribution

Indie Film Distribution

By: Demetrius Feaster


I have been living and practicing my craft of filmmaking full-time going on five years now. For the most part my company has had a primary focus of shooting for other people. Creating the look for the client initially was the forte. By year three I have progressed into creating original content. Primarily all content was created for the intentional distribution on television networks. We shaped and formed the way we started our company to adhere to development of content for television. Now in our fourth year we have added cinema to the list of our intellectual property portfolio. We have a new concern now that we have begun creating content created for TV and theatrical release. We are now at the point of distribution. Our focus is where we’re going to put our resources, whether it is time and effort or financial means. While scouring the Internet looking for possibilities for my company to distribute cinematic content, I stumbled across what I felt was a Jewel. “The Directory of International Sales Agents.” This directory was written and compiled by resources and writers from the country of Australia. It is an international perspective of agents from around the world. This is an extensive resource that houses agents in America France, England, New Zealand, anyplace that you can imagine where there is a demand for movies. Upon further investigation of this directory it also help to list the criteria for submission to each of these agents. It gives you the typical budgets that the sales agents purchase their properties for. I would most certainly recommend any consummate filmmakers that professionally releases their content, too subscribe to this “website” and it’s newsletters. Australia has made it easy for its filmmakers to do business with the rest of the world. It is also a technical way to attract location scouts for filmmakers in the future by showing them whom to connect with internationally.




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